Frausini and Associates, LLC. is a family owned and operated business located in Salem, Connecticut, just north of New London. For more than 30 years we have been providing professional photography services. Although we cater to regional Connecticut businesses and schools, we have serviced clients around the globe.

Our services include:

K-12 School Photography
Seniors Portraits
Action and Team Sports Photography
Legal Photography
Product Photography
Art Reproduction and Photo Restoration
Specialty Group Photography

Pet Portraiture



~ Andrew Frausini operates the Digital Imaging Equipment and Photography Equipment businesses. (Pro Digital Gear, PDGVIP & Pro Photo Gear)

~ Gail Frausini runs and manages the SchoolGraphics school photography business. Her photographic knowledge and practical business experience working with educational institutions is the cornerstone of School Graphics' success.

~ Dan Frausini manages the staff at ProDigital Gear. 


~Kirsten Frausini is in charge of accounts!

~ Christina Frausini works with Westminster Kennel Club, provides photography classes, is our sports photographer and works in the volume photography business.

We truly ARE a family business!

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