Students and teachers will look forward to Picture Day because Schoolgraphics make it a pleasant and fun experience

Whatever picture program you select for your school, you can be assured that Schoolgraphics will successfully handle the program from beginning to end. Schoolgraphics school photographers make picture day a pleasant experience for students, faculty, and parents. Each student and teacher is treated with the utmost in care and respect.


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Our photographers are eager to provide the parents with a long lasting photograph of their children, friends, and teachers!
We take pride in making "school pictures" a fun event for staff and students alike! 

Feel free to ask for our long list of referrals. Most schools have used our services continually for over 20 years!

Classroom Composites

Some schools rather have a Classroom Composite. We offer these as well! Consider a classroom composite and choose from a variety of graphic backgrounds, and choose the "School Pride" design where you can have a picture of your school building on the composite.

With A Schoolgraphics School Portrait Program,
You Will Receive...

  • Complete parent satisfaction.

  • Efficient & pleasant photography day procedures.

  • Custom Designed Portrait Package Program for EACH PARENT!

  • True portraits, not just pictures, through larger film size and individual attention.

A reorder service available for 2 years following original photography day. Corrections and Re-Orders are processed in our Connecticut facility guaranteeing fast turn around for the parents.

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