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Schoolgraphics offers a complete line of Administrative products. Whether it's photo I.D. cards, rotary cards, student images on CD ROM or recognition materials, Schoolgraphics has what you need.

 Below is just a brief listing of the products and services Schoolgraphics has available for your school's administrative needs.


Admin CD

An extraordinary filing and linking system, Admin CD's are designed exclusively for "in school" use. Look up any student, searching by name, grade, homeroom, etc....any number of fields. Select a range of students, a group of students - Admin CD's make it easy to sort students by any field. Use the images to produce printed student identification tools, administrative tools or customized recognition materials.
I.D. Cards

I.D. cards feature the student name in large legible print and also display the student's grade, homeroom, track or other necessary information. Lamination makes the cards especially sturdy and long lasting. If you are using a bar code system in your school, for library, food services, security or monitoring attendance, your Schoolgraphics I.D. cards will feature what you need.
Recognition Materials

Whether you want to establish a structured "Student Of The Month" program, hand out a very special "Attendance Award", or simply say "Thank You" -- Schoolgraphics has a complete selection of items to support your recognition efforts. Exciting designs, quality paper and printing, as well as meaningful messages make these recognition materials one that each student will be excited to receive...and you will be proud to give. Educators' Recognition Materials are also available to recognize all the teachers and educators in your school.
Fund raising Programs

We can tailor make a fund raising program with the understanding of your ultimate goal. Earn $1.00 or more per student for your school using one of Schoolgraphics' fund raising programs. Choose from many different photography styles including "Measure Up", and "Personally You". A sure hit with the kids and a great way to raise money for any reason at your school. Parents will like them all, and that will increase the amount of money your school can earn.



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